For over 30 years Peak UK have been manufacturing world-leading kayaking clothing and equipment. Come and have a look at what we are all about...


Over the years we have been delighted to have been the recipients of several awards, namely for product innovation. These have come from both within the paddlesports community as well as from outside the industry. Take a look at some of the more recent ones below. Whilst it's not the main reason we do what we do, it's always nice to get a bit of recognition...

2023 Paddle Sports Show Sustainability Award

Awarded for our Circular Ready 2024 kit. Where we start at the end of the garments life, enabling our kit to be more recyclable than ever before.

2021 Paddle Expo Sustainability Award

Awarded for our new Evo Range of recycled products; greener, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable than ever.

2020 Paddle Expo Special Jury Prize

Awarded for our Peak Eco Range of recycled products, and our attempts to reduce our environmental impact by removing all plastic packaging and more.

2019 Paddle Expo Product of the Year 

This year we took home the top prize for our unique Wrap PFDs, featuring an innovative chest foam layout designed specifically for women. 

2018 Roland Heros 

We were delighted to be chosen as the first ever international Roland Heros award for our unique Custom printed range.

2017 Sports Business Award - Bronze

Sports Tech of the Year - For Sport and In Sport. Awarded for our game-changing  Racer ST.

2016 Paddle Expo Product of the Year 

Another award for our ground-breaking, Olympic-gold winning Racer ST.

2015 Paddle Expo Special Jury Prize

Awarded for our innovative Custom printed range.