Peak PS: Winners of The Paddlesports Show Sustainability Award.

Posted By: Adam Published: 04/10/2021

We have just returned from the 2021 Paddlesports Show in Lyon, France, where we were delighted to win the Sustainability Award for our 2022 Evo range. 

We have been actively focussing for years now on reducing our footprint and increasing our sustainability. Every year we take big steps in making our range and our company as green as possible, yet we are always aware that there is more that we can do. Nonetheless we are super proud of our progress so far, and we are happy to announce that the 2022 range is our greenest, most environmentally friendly to date. The Evo Range is the evolution of our Eco range that we launched a couple of years back, bringing recycled fabrics, less waste materials & zero plastic packaging to the paddlesports market.

The classic Deluxe Jacket - just one of the items in our 2022 Evo Range.

Evo garments are made using almost entirely recycled fabric and have a CFC-free DWR water-repellent finish, which is much safer for the environment. All pocket zips are made from recycled polyethylene, and the neoprene components are made using Bioprene, a product made from natural, renewable and sustainable sources.

Image shows the new Evo construction on the right 

We have also been investing heavily in making sure the products last as long as possible, as longer product life leads to less landfill , less energy used and less waste. The construction and pattern for the outerwear garments has changed significantly with the Evo range, leading to smaller seam junctions, which in turn gives less taping deterioration, less leakage and longer lifespan. As an aside, we have also used our very own bespoke seals, which scale according to the garment size - a first within the paddlesports industry. This will lead to better fitting products with a much more natural shape and feel.

Home-made, reusable carpet & stand walls - zero landfill.

We are continually looking to reduce waste in our daily business too, reusing all boxes where possible, buying sustainable packaging where we need to, and using plastic-free packaging tape. For this year's show we turned down the disposable carpet usually seen at trade events, instead printing our own (just enough to safely cover any cabling) which will then be given out to dealers or reused by ourselves, with nothing going to waste. We also printed all our own stand walls this year, which can be either used in future shows or again given out to dealers if required.

All baselayer and Bagz Shorts are now fully recycled

It isn't just the Evo outerwear range that is greener than ever, with all of our Rashys, Stretch Fleece, and Bagz Shorts now also using recycled fabric. We are eliminating PVC from our products too, so items such as Nylon Decks and Dry Bags will now be PVC-free. Our UK-made custom items are also now largely made using recycled polyester.

We'd like to say a huge thanks to the Paddlesports Show Team for the award, and for putting on a fantastic show in difficult circumstances.

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