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Fiona Pennie

Best known as - Fi

Class - K1 Women

Born - Alexandria, Dumbartonshire, 09/11/1982

Current location - Waltham Abbey, Essex

Top 3 life achievements - 

- European Champion 2013

- World championship silver medalist 2006 & b2014

- Beijing 2008 & Rio 2016 Olympian

What's your story?

Sat in a kayak at a few months old and i've been sitting in a slalom boat for 26 years, well not 24/7 obviously! My mother competed in canoe sprint but i decided canoe slalom was a little more interesting for me. 

I've been a fan of Peak UK kit since around 1997 and a proud member of Team Peak UK since 2004. That's a lot of paddling sessions that the ever advancing kit has kept me dry for!

Favourite Kit:

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