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Jason Fox

Class: Once upon a time, K1 and C2 Slalom but these days pretty much surfing in my Proton, Freestyle, a bit of Sea Touring and River Running in my Monstrous Phantom.

Born: Peterborough, GB. 1985

What's your story?

Like many kids in the East Anglia & The Midlands, I started in Slalom at about 13 to the sound of Parents belowing "Up, Up, Up!" at the top of their voices. Alas, I was never very good at it.I was more interested in getting the Perception Dancer out of the club house and seal launching off the 12 foot lock wall. My club tolerated my slalom blasphemy until a fella came to the club with a Rainbow Voodoo Playboat and lent me the 1999 NZ Freestyle Worlds on VHS. I was hooked. I sourced all the tracks off of the playlist and played it constantly (I still have most of the tracks on my Iphone playlist). I couldn't afford the newest Riot or Wavesport so I went to the Birmingham boat show and picked up my first kayak. It was an Eskimo Nano..... Yeah, I know.

Through the years I worked hard and played hard with several outdoor companies like PGL, NST, Canoe Control, Canolfan Tryweryn and Get Wet in North Wales. Mostly coaching and guiding in Kayaking, Rafting and Canoeing but my heart really belonged to wave boating in Africa. Spent my winters (until recently) paddling and working behind the bar at the Hairy Lemon in Uganda (RIP) along with a few trips to Zambia and British Columbia, France etc.These days I have adopted many genres of boating including surf, open canoeing and sea touring. I love working in a kayak / canoe shop down in Devon as I mostly get the chat about boating, drink tea and wait for rain. I regularly get out before and after work to enjoy the amazing rivers down here in Dartmoor. When I am not boating I am walking on the moors or at my local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club.It's hard to complain

Top 3 Life Achievements: Just before my 18th birthday, I received a letter actually offering me a job as a kayak coach. Non of my friends ever did anything exciting. I was living on a friends sofa and looking at the very real possibility of homelessness. Kayaking for a living was a pipe dream. I have never looked back! Big thanks to Glen Nelson of Peterborough (Proteus) Canoe Club for taking a 13 year me under his wing.

Spending a large part of my 20's hanging out and paddling big waves in some top places.

Making a Blue Peter Tracy Island out of papier mache when I was 8 - I don't believe Anthea Turner actually made hers!

Favourite Kit: