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Gav Barker

Class: K1 Man

Hometown: Manchester

Living Now: Nottingham

Current Boats: GUI GUI Prod Helixer Lettman Granate L Valley Rush 7.2 

Shaft of choice ( straight or bent ): Short & Straight VE’s

Big volume or tight and technical: 
Big volume for waves, I like holes small!

Favourite Paddling Spot: there’s so many: The Zambezi is an amazing place, big rapids, awesome waves and a landscape which really puts your life into perspective! White Nile is a unique place to relax and boat on some of the worlds best waves. New Zealand for a great lifestyle, sick rivers and surf!

Achievements: 6 years GB freestyle team

British Champion 2014

1st place British team selection 2015 & 2017

2nd place Hurley Classic 2016

Top 10 Bratislava Europeans 2014

What’s Next... Ambitions / Plans: Next is the World Championships in Argentina, where i hope to represent well and put down good rides! Then I plan to go on to Chile and experience the best of the rivers it has to offer! Further ahead than that, I plan to continue to compete in freestyle to the best of my ability and travel as much as possible with any of my kayaks!

Best things about paddling: Nailing a move as big and clean as possible feals amazing! Working a sequence until it becomes possible is also very rewarding.Traveling to new and exciting places, experiencing new cultures and having great times with new & old friends!

Best Boating Moment: Again there’s too many to remember but here’re a few: surfing swellies under the moonlight on big spring tides. Surfing 12b as the sun sets over the Batoka gorge! Days on the White Nile running rapids and surfing the best waves on the same day!

Worst Boating Moment: A couple of sketchy swims, Swimming the second and third drop of Pont Cyfyng and getting a lot of down time in a pour over on the left line of rib cage, were particularly bad experiences!

Other Hobbies: Bouldering, wakeboarding, guitar 

Drink: coffee in the morning, lemon cordial in the afternoon, Waragi at night! 

Music: Depressing suits me just fine 

Hero’s: Georgie Kinkladze, Randy Couture