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Gav Barker

Best known as: Gav

Hometown: Manchester

Living now: Nottingham

Discipline: Freestyle

Class: K1 Men

Current boats: Gui Gui Prod Helixer, Lettman Granate.

Shaft of choice: Straight carbon for freestyle, I like it bent on a river!

Big volume or tight and technical: in my freestyle boat I’d choose big volume. In a river boat I’d like a healthy mix of both! 

Favourite paddling spot: ooh difficult one…but I’ll go for a prime 12b with the sun setting over the Botoka gorge.

Why should you be on the Peak PS team?: I’ve been immersed in the kayaking world for over 20 years, and have made friends paddling around the globe. In that time, through choice, I’ve worn Peak gear, because it’s always been innovative, stylish, comfortable, dry, and reasonably priced…If I see you on the water, I’d be happy to tell you all about my new favourite piece of kit!

What can you bring to the party?: Generally Rum!

How did you get into paddling: Through a local canoe club on the mighty Irwell back in mid 90’s…wet suits and cagoules made winter boating a memorably cold experience!!

Achievements: British Champion – 2015 ,2018 Hurley Classic 1st place – 2019 Galwayfest 1st place - 2022 World Championships semi-finalist - 2017, 2019 World Cups 5th Place – 2020

What's next... ambitions / plans: A strong showing at the 2022 world Champs in Nottingham! Then I’m looking forward to competing at the world cups on the waves Georgia, USA has to offer. And then enjoy finding some winter sun, waves and warm water at the end of the year!

Do you have any paddlesport qualifications?: Level 3 Kayak coach Advanced Whitewater Leader Whitewater Coach Freestyle Coach

Best things about paddling: Going to beautiful places, enjoying moments when you think there’s nowhere you’d rather be. Landing big moves, styling rapids, celebrating the best days with friends!

Best boating moment: impossible to narrow it down to one, but it’s probably been somewhere in Uganda, Zambia, Chile or New Zealand!? 

Worst boating moment: A couple of bad decisions which lead dirty swims, spring to mind!

Any other Hobbies: Climbing, wakeboarding and a bit of golf

Ultimate worldwide destination: Uganda’s waves and fun rapids mixed in with rivers in the west coast of south America please.

Food: Tapas

Drink: Coffee

Music: Confidential

Movie: TBC

Read: ?

Piece of Peak PS kit: Freestyle ST’s all the way!

Favourite Kit:

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