Our test team and staff are the finest. Many World, Olympic and National Champions in all disciplines choose to use our products. We are also proud to be official partners with British Canoeing, Plas Y Brenin Mountain Training Centre and Glenmore Lodge Mountain Centre.

Dave Rossetter

The boss - That will be me – Dave Rossetter! I look after the paddling team at the Lodge.

Speciality - I am a paddler – I love all boats / boards and all environments it can happen in. I own plenty of boats to enable plenty of adventures all over the world!

Who are you?

The enthusiastic paddler… Mad keen for all types of boating adventures and mad cap schemes that appear!I have moved from owning paddling shops, my own paddling company, my own ski school to now full time at Glenmore Lodge – where I am very privileged to look after the paddling that goes on.I have worked full time in paddlesport for 26 years – and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. I enjoy being able to work with paddlers / coaches and leaders from all disciplines to aid them in achieving their motivations. In this time I have enjoyed some amazing paddling all round the world – South America, Asia, Europe, America, Artic and of course the home grown delights of the UK. Living and working in Scotland gives plenty play time in some stunning locations…

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