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George Fell

Name: George Fell

Best known as: “Oi you!” and occasionally “Swimmer! Line!”

Hometown: Bradford, People’s Republic of Yorkshire

Living now: Cairngorms

Discipline: River, Sea, Canoe

Class: Odd grades and full moons.

Current boats: Cross, Loki, Jed, RPM, Prospector, Explorer, Nordkapp, Fuego

Shaft of choice: Straight for wings and rivers, bendy on the sea

Big volume or tight and technical: Big volume…only I live in the wrong country!

Favourite paddling spot: Falls of Lora in long pointy boats or short spinny ones

Why should you be on the Peak PS team?: A tonne of enthusiasm and experience served with a side order of humility.

What can you bring to the party?: Many, many stories, some helpful reflections.

How did you get into paddling? Uni. Our skills were awful, our decision making was really shonky… but we had some great times, a load of epics and a great crash and burn introduction to paddling:   

Achievements: Humla Karnali, Thule Bheri, 

What's your paddling goals for 2023? Heading off to paddle the top 1000km or so of Norway. Hopefully a Futa trip in early 2024.

Do you have any paddlesport qualification? Yes. I hope I’ve done enough hoop jumping that I can concentrate on paddling.  

Best things about paddling: The flow, the places and the slightly peculiar people 

Best boating moment: All alone on the wave with the sun shining in a blue sky

Worst boating moment: The sinking feeling on the fourth recirculation

Any other Hobbies: Paragliding, playing musical instruments and out-of-tune singing

Ultimate worldwide destination: Western Nepal

Food: The surprise lump of cheese you find in the bottom of a dry bag at the end of a trip 

Drink: If you insist. Sláinte!

Music: Eclectic

Movie: Delicatessen – premium French goodness

Read: Cruise of the Ringleader – Tweedy Scottish Canoe Adventuring from the 1870’s

Piece of Peak PS Kit: Ocean Bothy