The Himalayan Whitewater Challenge continues...

Posted By: Peak UK Published: 08/01/2016


In 2002 we took our (in)famous and hugely popular Whitewater Challenge series from the rivers and whitewater courses of the UK to the Bhotekoshi river in Nepal.

The first event, ran with the help of the Nepalese Association of Rafting Agencies amongst others, was a great success and saw the beginning of many friendships between UK and Nepalese paddlers.

Check out our film of the first ever Challenge...

Forward to November 2015 and the event has entered its thirteenth year and is stronger than ever. Now run mainly by the NARA, we are still proud to support this unique event. This year it was held on the Trisuli river as the original site has been destroyed by landslides.

The 2015 Nepalese junior winners each received a Racer Custom PFD from Peak UK amongst other prizes!

[caption id="attachment_699" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Junior Winners with Peak Racer Custom pfds

Image: Brandie-Smith[/caption]

If you fancy a crack at the Himalayan Whitewater Challenge check out the NARA website and Facebook page for more information.

Good luck!