For almost 30 years Peak UK have been manufacturing world-leading kayaking clothing and equipment. Come and have a look at what we are all about...


We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, both locally and globally. In recent years our emphasis when designing new products has been to use recycled fabrics wherever possible, and to reduce our waste products .We have been drastically reducing plastic packaging for several years now. In 2019 we launched the award-winning Peak Eco Range, a collection of products made from fabric containing 55% recycled yarn, backed by the complete removal of all plastic packaging, from our suppliers right through to retailers and end users.

Taking a new step forward, in 2021 we introduced two new jackets made entirely from recycled fabrics and featuring Bioprene seals, made from recycled yarns and waste products from the shell food industry.

All our hang tags (from 2019 onwards) are made from recycled card and attached with compostable hemp cord. We use paper tape and compostable document wallets on all our shipping boxes, and all of our One Piece Suits now come in a Surplus Bag - a product made entirely from waste materials.

Our future aims are to make harder wearing, longer lasting products using more recycled materials. We've already begun updating our premises to automated LED lighting and investigating the installation of solar power generation. We're planning a recycled / up-cycling project for used paddlesports garments, and (most importantly) all of our milk is now delivered in glass bottles. 

In 2019 we also started the Paddle Peak project, a local group which is committed to promoting responsible, safe and joint use of our local rivers and waterways here in the Derwent Valley. Since its inception Paddle Peak has been arranging river clean ups, raising awareness of litter and pollution, and inspiring youngsters from the local area to use and care for their local environment. Find out more about Paddle Peak on the official website: paddlepeak.org.

Watch this space for more!

Collecting rubbish, cleaning our waterways Surplus Bag