Rafting in the River Runner PFD

Posted By: Peak UK Published: 27/08/2015



This summer season I have spent most of my time rafting down at Lee Valley. After all, getting a real job after graduating is far too overrated. During this time I've been using the Peak UK River Runner PFD almost day in day out so I thought I’d share some thoughts on it from a perspective of raft guiding.

The first thing to know is that down at Lee Valley kit gets abused. Guiding for up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is going to put any kit through a serious amount of use, coupled with Lee Valley’s chlorine treated water and constant UV from the sun, it's a testament for kit to last out the season without a service.


With all this in mind it is good to see that the River Runner BA’s are holding up firm and true. A couple of seasons old now and they are still as tough and buoyant as when they are new. The cut, obviously designed from a kayak perspective, also works great while guiding. Sitting low on the body and with unobtrusive straps its easy to gain full range of movement. Once adjusted the straps and buckles sit on the inside of the BA meaning they don't get in the way of anything and prevents them from snagging and generally getting in the way.

Another thing that works so great for rafting with the River Runner is the amount of pockets and storage space. I carry a flip line, knife, some first aid essentials and other small raft repair bits in the BA and there is still plenty of space. Even with a loaded BA the pockets don't bulge out at all so it keeps its slim line nature. Having specific pockets, rather than one large pouch on the front is also a welcome addition, rather than one large pouch on the front. This means you can quickly get what you need when you need it and you’ll know where it will be. This works especially well with knives and carabiners.


Overall the River Runner is a perfect guiding BA and fits every need perfectly. Low cut, extremely durable and plenty of storage space: it really doesn't need to do any more. It can also accommodate the guide harness and shoulder straps if needs be.

So there you have it! The River Runner makes a perfect rafting and kayaking buoyancy aid. Check out the photos of it in full swing courtesy of Rapid Focus Photography.

Weighty :)