Sal’s next adventure!

Posted By: Adam Published: 16/06/2021

This week Mr Peak UK himself, had a visit from team paddler Sal Montgomery at his home in the Peak District. Sal was en-route to the start of her next big adventure, one very different to her usual paddling escapades!

When the rivers started to dry up and international travel was restricted, Sal searched out a challenge to train towards and found the Pedal4Parks project. The plan was to bike-pack from the Orkney Islands to the Isles of Scilly. In case you’re not familiar with these places, it’s a long way! Approximately 1200 miles in fact. And if you don’t know, Sal is a kayaker, not a long-distance cyclist! 

Oh and another thing, they will be attempting to water bike the two sea crossing. Yes, you read that correctly - bikes on the sea. 

Documenting their journey along the way, the team will be travelling through and showcasing national parks and green spaces, whilst highlighting the importance of protecting these important places. They will also be interviewing individuals and organisations that are working to make positive change to environmental issues, and the methods they are using.

PeakUK is well-known for creating world-class kit, but Sal was keen to get them involved in the project due to their proactive approach to becoming a more sustainable business, and how this has influenced the paddlesports industry as a whole. In addition to leading the way with a more environmentally focused business, Pete, founder of PeakUK, has also been working extremely hard for his registered charity ‘Paddle Peak’, which aims to improve local river access and water quality, as well as provide opportunities for children in the area to experience paddle sports. 

You can catch Sal and Pete in the Pedal4Parks documentary due to be released later in the summer. In the meantime, you can find out more about the projects, as well as follow Sal and the team’s progress here- 

Or on Sal’s social media-

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