• Freestyle ST2022 LS  (GB Freestyle)

Freestyle ST2022 LS (GB Freestyle)



For 2023 GB team members only.

Please allow up to 18 weeks for delivery.

The same ST022 style performance, but with a larger cut and more advanced seals. Perfect for winter training and freestyle.

The Freestyle spraydeck is designed specifically for the Guigui Helix boat. Measurement range: L: 82-88 W: 47-51 cm

  • Articulated cut
  • SS4 four way stretch polyester spandex with 20m waterproofing and 20m breathability. 
  • Superstretch neoprene neck cone with elasticated tension strap
  • Double neo / latex wrists
  • Gaia environmentally friendly super soft flotation foam
  • Only 20mm body foam.
  • Sleek shoulder straps. 
  • No Body Straps.
  • Secure crotch strap.
  • Tough faced 4mm neoprene spraydeck with added flotation foam
  • Grippy latex underside print on Freestyle deck size
  • EU Patented design and registered design
  • ISO 12402-5 Certified. ICF 6.12KG Registered.