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Chris Bowers

Name: Chris Bowers

Best known as: Chris

Hometown: Stoke-on-Trent

Living now: Hertford

Discipline: Canoe Slalom & Extreme

Class: Kayak

Current boats: Galasport 

Shaft of choice: Raab X16L

Big volume or tight and technical: Tight and Technical

Favourite paddling spot: Lee Valley

Why should you be on the Peak PS team?: To allow me to stay part of the Peak family

What can you bring to the party?: New ideas and helping Peak stay at the top of their game.

How did you get into paddling?: My brother started and I followed him into the sport 

Achievements: 1st World cup Extreme (Krakow 2022), U23 Bronze World & European Medalist (2021)

What's  your paddling goals for 2023?: World Champion Medalist at Lee Valley 

Best things about paddling: Out in the fresh air, the fact that the challenge is never the same the water is always different, the community of people.

Best boating moment: Becoming Team world champions in Rio 2018 with Joe & Bradley 

Worst boating moment: Don’t have one

Any other Hobbies: Taking the dogs for a walk, trying different foods, coffee!

Ultimate worldwide destination: Australia

 Food: Tictoc pasta (Baked tomato and feta cheese mixed with cooked pasta)

Drink: Coffee

Music: Sticky Fingers

Movie: Top gun 

Read: Psychology of money 

Piece of Peak PS Kit: Racer ST

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