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Jen Chrimes

Best known as - Jenwet

Class - Whitewater Kayak

Born - Nottingham 11.08.1987

Current country - Whistler. BC

Top 3 life Achievements -

  • Collecting enough stamps on my 200º loyalty card to claim a free coffee.
  • Starting an erotic literature company with my bestie (yet to be published).
  • Avoiding the hairdressers for over 7 years.

What's your story?

Grew up playing on the delightful waters of Nottingham White Water Course. One day I found myself at an extreme race in Italy, whish is where I discovered that running actual rivers in beautiful locations was more my style…

Biggidybaggidyboom, some 6 years later here I am in a whitewater paradise making dreams a reality.

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