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Adam Gill

Best known as - Big Ads

Class - Lower

Born - I believe so!

Current country - Britannia!

Top 3 life Achievements - 

- Making it to work on time

- Getting a tribal tattoo fitting of a midlife crisis

- Not being alone

What's your story?

I was struggling with life until Peak UK swooped down and took me under its wing. They taught me well, nurturing me into a solid young man. I once made the foolish mistake of trying to fly the Peak UK nest. I fell horribly and had to come running back, begging to be let in. Thankfully they accepted me back with open arms.

I wouldn't be the man i am today without my Peak UK family. I love them all, maybe more than i should.

Favourite Kit -

Follow Me -

Anyone who knows me knows i am not a sociable person, and the last thing i want is for people to be following me..... creepy.