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James Ibbotson

Best known as:   Ibbo

Hometown:   Sunny Donny!

Living now:   Nottingham

Discipline(s): Freestyle

What's your story?

Paddling since the age of 8 after my grandma took my brother and i to a taster session in a pool. Unfortunately got hooked and wanted to go all the time. When i was 14 i made the slalom GB junior team, then the under 23 team at the age of 15. Went to uni and found beer, thoughts slalom was boring to took up freestyle. Turns out all the falling in i did in my slalom days worked well in a freestyle boat and i made the GB squad within two months! The following year i made my international freestyle debut in Canada for the world championships! 2020 will be my 6th year on the team in a row which is pretty cool.

When i’m not on the water i am thinking about being on the water. I have made a few events happen to help people get out there, the more notable ones are the Nottingham Freestyle League (NFL) and the Euro Open.

I also enjoy trolling Bren Orton, and on the odd occasion i go to uni to try and become a Master of Science!

My only ambition is to one day be able to compete at Monopoly Shuffle with my Sensei Adam Gill.

Quick facts

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite drink: Beer

Favourite music: Loud music

Ultimate paddling destination: Plattling

Motto: Nothing goes wrong for long

Advice to newcomers: Don’t listen to people, just copy them 

Favourite Kit:

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