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Doug Cooper

Hometown: Newton Abbot, Devon

Living Now: Aviemore (Scottish Highlands)

Discipline: Sea & White Water

Current boats: P&H Cetus & Delphin; Pyranha Scorch & Loki

Shaft of choice: Lendal crank

Big volume or tight and technical: Big volume WW & the sea is big volume!

Favourite paddling spot: Scotland (north coast & river Findhorn)

Why should you be on the Peak PS team? : Worked as a coach for over 30 years and each year try to inspire as many people as possible to get more from their paddling. Deliver the highest level of a range of BC qualifications, consult & technical advice for BC and a range of centres. Am active paddling constantly looking for proper bloody brilliant adventures, this has taken me all over the world with first descents and sections of coastline. Have authored 6 books and have popular website/social media Have an MSc and am active in educational/leadership research, consultation and conference speaking to support coaches & leaders in paddlesport and a range of outdoor adventure sports.

What can you bring to the party?: I love paddling, I love exploring and I love sharing my experiences with others in a way that supports and empowers them to be all they can be and realise their dreams. In this I have a high profile and level of professional integrity that will hopefully be a credit to Peak PS.

How did you get into paddling?: I started as a climber (and still am!) with my first instructional job in the Lake District. Quickly it became apparent it rains a lot and to always have the opportunity to partake in PBB adventures paddling would be a good thing. The rest is history…

Achievements: Sea – 8 expeditions to Greenland including paddling around Cape Farewell and a 6 week self support on the east coast. Extensive paddling in Scotland and writing 4 guide books and setting up Being a coach and inspiring others. White Water – Many trips to Himalaya including early descents of Goriganga, Upper Alaknanda, Brahmaputra and paddling at over 5000m on the Tsarup Chu. Being a coach and inspiring others Coaching – holding the highest level of qualifications, but more importantly supporting others becoming qualified and mentoring coaches/leaders to be the best they can. Having a MSc in Performance Coaching with published research to support adventure sports coaching focusing on optimum learning environments, the coaching process, leadership and coaching/leading philosophy.

What's next... ambitions / plans: To work less and play more! Focusing on more bespoke coaching and consultancy in a freelance capacity, this to allow more time to get out having fun! Having spent 30 years flying around the world on expeditions, am now more focused on less carbon based traveling and more paddle based traveling with Scotland/Ireland offering so many opportunities for adventure.

Best things about paddling: Exploring new places, experiencing new environments and making new friends. The variety of going solo and immersing in nature, alongside going with friends and sharing special experiences.

Best boating moment: Any time you hit that ‘flow’ state in a remote and spectacular environment. Many memories of this happening on sunny days off the Greenland coastline or conversely on a Himalayan multi day river.

Worst boating moment: Any time you forget your spray deck and have to run the shuttle instead!

Other Hobbies: Ski touring Climbing Mountaineering Biking

Ultimate worldwide destination: Scotland!

Favourite Stuff:

Food: Jelly Babies

Drink: Whisky (never with popcorn!)

Music: Mellow

Movie: Don’t watch many!

Read: Crime novels & historic expedition books

Peak PS Gear: Ocean Bothy – to ensure you stay smiling whatever the weather!

Favourite Kit: