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Claire O'Hara

Discipline: Freestyle, Squirt Boating, river running

Class: K1 Women

Hometown: Leeds

Living now: Worldwide

Current Boats: Jackson Kayak Rock Star and Murky Water Slip

Shaft of choice: Mitchell Blades full carbon bent shaft

Big volume or Steep creek: Big volume

Favourite paddling spot: Ottawa River, Canada

Achievements: Most successful female freestyle athlete in the world

2x World Champion Freestyle Kayak

3x World Champion Squirt Boat Kayak & Mystery World Champion

What's next... ambitions / plans: Another summer of fun! Training, coaching and competing on some of the most amazing rivers around the world

Best things about paddling: I enjoy everything about boating. I love the feeling of freedom you get everytime you get on the water. I love the fact it gives you the opportunity to travel all across the world exploring parts of the country you wouldn't normally get to see. I like the fact that although it is an individual activity, in which you constantly face personal challenges, it is also very much a team sport. Not only that I get to share all these amazing experiences out on the rivers with friends from all around the world. Its awesome.

Best boating moment: There are so many, every time I head out in my kayak it is generally a great moment. Competitively: 'Doubling the Double' at the 2013 World Championships, defending both my world titles on the same day ,stands out as a pretty amazing moment. Technically; hitting my first tricky wu and offside lunar orbit after an a very long time of training on them with my coach Dennis Newton was pretty huge. Creeking boating, running the East Fork of the Kaweah in California in high water was a pretty humbling and memorable experience

Worst boating moment: When the phone rings and I hear that a friends life has been lost to a river. Unfortunately this has now happened far too many times and really makes me think about every choice and decision I make out on the rivers

Other hobbies: I have always been involved in sport since a very young age, spending most of my childhood playing football, mountain biking, roller skating or taking part in some type of water sport. I still have the same desire now to be constantly involved in activity, so if i'm not in a kayak i'll be out and about somewhere taking part in another type of sport

Ultimate worldwide destination: It would be a natural river venue that combines all the best components of my favourite runs, destinations and play spots in the world. It would have a mystery arena the quality of Fascination Ally in West Virginia, a freestyle venue made up of several features combining the quality big waves of the Ottawa, Nile, Lachine and the Kellys Whitewater Park with the quality training holes of Platting, Nottingham and Pigeon river. It would have fantastic fun rapids along the river similar to those on the Bhote Kosi in Nepal and have several tributaries made of Norwegian style fun drops and slides. It would be right next to a perfect surf beach break. It would be warm all year round with constantly good water levels, NZ's friendly wildlife and pure natural beauty and crystal clear water like the Soca. That would be my boating paradise...

Favourite food: Roast dinner with yorkshire puddings and gravy

Favourite drink: Ice cold water

Favourite music: Anything with a good beat