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James "Pringle" Bebbington

Best known as - Pringle

Class - Men’s K1 freestyle

Born - NW England 20/08/87

Current Location - Georgia

Top 3 life Achievements -

1- 2011 World Champs 1st

2- 2010 World Cup 1st

3- Surviving to adulthood ;-)

What's your story?

Interesting fact I eat just raw fruits and veggies guess that’s quite unique in paddling ;-)

My story I’ve paddling since I was about 8years old coming up through the Peak challenge series then basically loved it so kept going. (Please bring back the Peak Challenges Pete).

I trained, travelled & competed pretty hard from 2008-2015 then took a few years out to learn a profession (I’m a cameraman) and let my hunger for paddling return.

Mid 2018 I started paddling again and getting back into shape in a boat. Got myself back on the team so will see how I’m doing / comparing at worlds this summer in Sort - my real aim being the Worlds in Nottingham in 2021 and to just keep having fun on the water.

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