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James "Pringle" Bebbington

Name: James Bebbington

Best known as: Pringle

Hometown: Glazebury, Warrington

Living now: Nottingham

Discipline: Freestyle and occasional expedition / creek.

Class: Senior Mens K1

Current boats: Guigui Helixer, Exo T-Rex and Helixer.

Shaft of choice: Werner Double Diamond

Big volume or tight and technical: Big Volume

Favourite paddling spot: Nile Special and Ugly Sisters (before the Nile was dammed)

Why should you be on the Peak PS team?: Just love freestyle and paddling as a whole and all the amazing opportunities it’s brought to my life and love sharing that joy with others.

What can you bring to the party?: Enthusiasm, Fun, Pushing on others - just love seeing people rip :-)

How did you get into paddling?: I saw Shaun Baker almost die on TV and was inspired enough to get my dad to find me a canoe club…

Achievements: 2011 World Champion, 2010 World Cup Champion, 15 x GB team member, 2 x first Descents with Steve Backshall.

What's your paddling goals for 2022? To score over 1000 points at Worlds this summer would be amazing.

Best things about paddling: Nature, Friends and never ending ways to find improvement and growth.

Best boating moment: Brit Champs in 2009, felt the most at one with the water than any other competition - not my highest scoring ride ever but the one i’m most satisfied with.

Worst boating moment: I’ve been very lucky to never really have any bad experiences which i’m very thankful for.Any other Hobbies: Filmmaking, Snowboarding…

Extras / Favourites:

Ultimate worldwide destination: Kamchatka

Food: Durian

Drink: JUICE

Music: shuffle is my friend!

Movie: 14 Summits

Read: Essentialism - Greg McKeown

Piece of Peak PS Kit: ST - best invention ever!

Favourite Kit:

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