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Harry Price

Discipline: Freestyle

Class: K1 and a little C1

Hometown: Warwick

Living now: Nottingham

Current boats: Carbon Gui Gui Helixer adn Exo Plastic Helixer

Shaft of choice: Werner Double Diamond

Big volume or tight and technical: Big volume waves, deep symmetrical holes

Favourite paddling spot: Lachine Rapids, Montreal Canada

How did you get into paddling : The local canoe club kept their kayaks on the side of the swimming pool, where I would go swimming with my Mum. Every week that I went swimming I would beg my Mum to let me have a go in one of these boats. A phone call later and I was in a kayak during a club pool session. Since then, I have enjoyed participating in whitewater, slalom, sprint, marathon and freestyle kayaking. Now I spend the majority of my time paddling in a k1 freestyle kayak or occasionally a C1.

Achievements: Bronze medal 2017 World Championships, 2018 2nd place ICF World Cups. Putting down a dream ride at the 2021 British Championships to take the win with a score of 2600 points. Bronze medal at the 2022 World Championships, Nottingham.  

What's next... ambitions / plans: Over the next few years I’m excited to train as hard as possible, seeing how far I can push my freestyle and athleticism. In the future I’m looking forward to spending time working on my big wave freestyle, doing some more creek boating and expedition style paddling. I’m currently studying environmental science and I would love to combine this with my kayaking, maybe in the form of some river or ocean ecology research.

Best things about paddling: GSpending time with great people and traveling to beautiful locations.

Best boating moment: Surfing a wave for the first time on The White Nile in Uganda when I was 10. From that moment onwards I was hooked.

Worst boating moment:Hmm, there are a few bad moments, but these seem to get drowned out by all the good times.

Other Hobbies:I love spending time outdoors: kayaking, walking, surfing, photography if I’m outside and moving I’m happy.

Ultimate worldwide destination: Hard question, there as so many great places and I still have a lot more to visit. A recent highlight was a trip to the Slave River, NWT, Canada.

Favourite Stuff:

Food: Ice Cream

Drink: Water

Peak PS Kit: I’m in love with my Semi ST, the freedom of movement is incredible. I can’t wait to try the new 2022 Freestyle ST!

Favourite Kit: