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Robert Crowe

Best known as: Rob

Hometown: Nottingham

Living now: Nottingham, still here after all these years. HPP is just so good for consistent year-round hole paddling

Discipline: Freestyle

Class: K1

Current boats: Gui Gui Prod 2018 Helixir

Shaft of choice: VE Aircore Pro Carbon Cranks

Big volume or tight and technical: I’ve still not done enough river paddling to be able to decide between the two 

Favourite paddling spot: There’s too many to choose just one. Inlet gate at HPP and Tuam in Galway are amazing for dialling in super technical hole move sequences. Millau holds a special place in my heart as the weather is normally beautiful, it suits my style and I’ve always competed well there. And finally you can put me on any green wave bigger than Hurley and I’ll have a massive grin on my face.

Why should you be on the Peak PS team: I’ve been a Peak UK/PS kit user since way back in 2003/4 when I got my very first cag deck. Everything I’ve ever done in a freestyle kayak from learning to cartwheel and loop through to winning Brit Champs and making a Worlds final has been done in Peak kit.

What can you bring to the party?: I’m a friendly face on the water and always keen to keep finding ways to improve my paddling and learn new things. I’m also always happy to try and share everything I’ve learnt over so many years of freestyle with other paddlers.

How did you get into paddling: I had a go on a kayak ergo simulator on a Royal Navy stand and enjoyed it. Being a quiet kid my folks then booked me onto some lessons at the local leisure centre to get me out the house. I soon graduated to paddling outdoors at HPP and then on the white water course with local legend George Oliver.

What's next... ambitions / plans: It’s got to be doing as well as I can at the home Worlds at HPP, hopefully by putting down the best possible ride I can. I also want to make sure I enjoy and take in as much as I can of the experience of competing at home.

Do you have any paddlesport qualifications: Sadly not

Best things about paddling: Learning new things, the friends (old and new) and when all the effort you put in comes together and you nail a good ride

Best boating moment: Pulling out a big ride when I needed it to make the cut to make the finals at World in Argentina 2017 

Worst boating moment: Loosing my head and making a mess of the Finals at Worlds in Argentina, finishing 4th

Any other Hobbies: My other great passion is music, either listening or playing a little guitar. I also dabble in a bit of graphic design here and there.

Ultimate worldwide destination: Probably Canada, for the wave paddling

Food: Pizza

Drink: Water

Music: In short, generally guitar based but something a little bit different and often fuzzy

Movie: I’m not great at watching films, I can never find the time

Read: I’m slow at reading so rarely ever finish a book

Piece of Peak PS kit: The Stretch Fleece top. I’m often cold so pretty much always have one of these under my cag all year round. They’re super soft and super warm.

Favourite Kit: