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James Ibbotson

Best known as - Ibbo

Class - C1

Born - Doncaster, GB. 12/10/1993

Current country - Great Britain

Top 3 life Achievements -

  • Working at Peak UK
  • Eating a whole bowl of Brioche and Nutella in one sitting
  • Meeting my idol Adam Gill

Whats your story?

Started paddling at 8. I did slalom for way too long before finding freestyle. now i fall over repeatedly with some sort of style. Been to a few competitions, stood on some podiums and won some titles.

But none of that compares to the joys of working with the boys at Peak UK everyday. Nowadays i live to brew tea for them and i love it. Plan on dabbling in kayaking still, but my main passion is tea.

My little brother paddles slalom and has been on the junior and under 23 GB team regularly. We have a race on to be the first to get a major international medal (Euros or Worlds), and i’m pretty sure it may come down to who’s final is on what day this year, or atlas i hope so! 

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