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Sid Sinfield

Discipline: Sea Kayak, Open Canoe/OC1, WW kayak, surf kayak and waveski

Class: Working!

Hometown: London

Living Now: North Wales

Current Boats: Aries, Covert, Machno, Valley Rush 7.2 and Pro Designs waveski

Shaft of choice ( straight or bent ): Depends on the discipline!

Big Volume or Tight and technical: Tight and techy

Favourite Paddling Spot: Outer Hebrides (sea and surf), NW Canada (canoe trippin) and anywhere new for WW kayak

Achievements: I’ve managed to blag a living in boats for 33 years thus far! Not a bad job description that. I’ve also managed to paddle throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. But teaching my daughters to kayak has been the most fulfilling.

Whats Next... Ambitions / Plans: In boats i’m loving paddling with my daughters and introducing them to a great sport and great places. I’d love to get them on a Canadian canoe exped in the near future. Outside of the boat i’m studying for a PhD.

Best things about paddling: Freedom, flow and challenge

Best Boating Moment: Clean green waves in the Hebrides all to myself.

Worst Boating Moment: Serious beat-down on a river in spate. thought i’d breathed my last!

Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking and mountaineering

Ultimate Worldwide Destination: Living out of my van on a road trip with the family. As good as it gets in my opinion

Favourite Stuff:

Food: Curry!

Drink: red wine

Music: Dirty Funky house

Movie: Apocalypse now the redux edit

Read: Mostly sport/scientific papers from various journals!!

Heros: Humble and honest...

Villans: Excessively critical and strongly opinionated...