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Jules Burnard

Discipline: Trad Open Canoe, OC1 WW, SUP

Class: Full time coach, guide and adventure paddler

Hometown: Plymouth

Living Now: That well known white water capital of Europe…. Derbyshire!

Current Boats: Open canoe – Hou Prospector, OC1 WW – Hou DropZone / Force, SUP - O’shea

Shaft of choice ( straight or bent ): If its trad canoe then it has to be straight and I couldn’t be without my quiver of Downcreek paddles. OC1 is a Werner Bandit. SUP … still not decided

Big Volume or Tight and technical: Both, but I guess open canoe has to big volume vs OC1 tight and technical. SUP, I will let you decide!

Favourite Paddling Spot: If its UK then it has to be Scotland its gives me everything I need and more, both as a paddler and a coach. Remote locations, great rivers, stunning lochs and so many adventures. Abroad then Canada wins every time for the same reasons but on steroids, and the adventures are so much bigger

Achievements: Solo open canoe cross Scotland trip from Loch Eriboll (Cape Wrath) to Perth, challenging! Level 5 coach. I feel very privileged and so lucky to make a living from my passion, after all there aren’t many folks who can say they actually look forward to going to work everyday… but I do

What’s Next... Ambitions / Plans: I would love to complete the Yukon 1000 race in canoe. To really push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the canoe. 

Best things about paddling: I can have had the worst day going and yet after only a few minutes on the water nothing else seems to matter. It gives me an escape, a way to push my self and have adventures. A big part of it for me is being able to share my passion and inspire others.

Best Boating Moment: Too many to choose from

Worst Boating Moment: One of the many swims I’ve taken!

Other Hobbies: Trail running, mountain biking, triathlon

Ultimate Worldwide Destination: Canada

Favourite Stuff:

Food: Indian, spicier the better

Drink: Cider is my summer favourite, Guinness is my winter tipple and red wine is my any time any place go to

Music: Rock, Stereophonics

Movie: Highlander, Gladiator

Read: Winter dance, Pilgrims of the Wild

Heros: Shackleton, Ranaulph Fiennes

Villans: Anyone that abuses animals!