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Oli Kershaw

Hometown: Worthing, West Sussex

Living now: Bath

Discipline(s): Whitewater, Canoe, Leadership Training

Whats your story?

I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to kayak by my Scout leaders at a very young age. Since those humble beginnings, I have been lucky enough to travel the world kayaking and teaching kayaking. I love to give others the opportunity I was given as a child, whether that’s giving them their first steps in whitewater, or teaching them how to run waterfalls.

Quick facts:

Favourite food: Something home-cooked after a long day out

Favourite drink: Beer

Favourite music: 90s Cheese!

Ultimate paddling destination: Chile or Norway

Advice to newcomers: Throw yourself in! Don’t be afraid to try and fail, and surround yourself with people with the same attitude.

Favourite Peak UK kit:

  • Deluxe Dry Suit - this is the piece of kit I wear most days on the water - I love that it takes the abuse of paddling most days and still keeps me dry
  • Whitewater Deck - I love having a deck that can handle big volume and massive waterfalls without popping and it’s still easy to get on
  • Thermal Rashy - I have about 7 of these now, some long sleeve, some short sleeve and some of the pants. They are my base layer every day! Breathable, wicking and warm.

Favourite Kit:

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