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Oli Kershaw

Discipline: Whitewater, Canoe and SUP 

Class: Classy

Hometown: The whitewater mecca that is Worthing, West Sussex

Living Now: On the road

Current Boats: Lettman Granate 

Shaft of choice ( straight or bent ): I don’t judge, but I’m starting to like to feel of a bent shaft in my hands 

Big Volume or Tight and technical: Both – I love a bit of everything – variety is the spice of life

Favourite Paddling Spot: Too many to choose from!

Achievements: Getting to go kayaking for a job! I get to spend my days helping people take their paddling to the next level! 

Whats Next... Ambitions / Plans: This year I’ll be spending most of my summer travelling around Europe and then hopefully off to Asia for the winter

Best things about paddling: The people are the best thing, for sure. I’ve met most of my best friends through paddling in one form or another. I’ve never found another sport that brings people together in quite the same way. The places we get to go come a close second, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some absolutely stunning places I would never have seen, or couldn’t access if I weren’t paddling

Best Boating Moment: Firing up a 70ft drop in Pucon, Chile and getting my line right after dreaming about it for months. The drop is no longer there – it collapsed just a few months after we left! 

Worst Boating Moment: Driving for 2 days (20 hours) to get to the Moriston River Race – only to take 2 swims, break my boat and spend 12 hours driving home again!

Other Hobbies: Outside of paddling, I enjoy climbing, dabble in mountain biking and I’m up for trying anything! 

Ultimate Worldwide Destination: Pucon, Chile. Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite place I’ve ever visited. 

Favourite Stuff:

Food: Anything

Drink: Good ale or red wine – and protein shake if I’m feeling healthy

Music: I like a bit of everything – love the cheesy 90s hits though!

Movie: I love lamp.

Read: Mostly non-fiction, I really enjoy learning new things and books that make me think. I’ve just finished a really interesting book about human psychology

Heros: I was inspired by the Jacksons, Sturges and Serrasolses of this world who made the videos I watched growing up and continue to push the boundaries of our sport. But the real heroes to me are the weekend warriors and volunteer coaches of this world. I have so much respect for the guys and girls out there who have proper jobs and rally the troops on Friday after work to chase the rain. Let alone the people who volunteer their own time to coach others – I would never have started paddling if it weren’t for my Scout leaders giving up their own time to teach me how. Keep up the great work!

Villans: None I can think of!