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Doug Cooper

The boss - That has to be my wife Lara – who has been wearing Peak UK kit and paddling for far longer than I have!

Speciality - Having proper brilliant adventures in boats and managing to make a career of it! As for which boats and what types of adventures – then it would be in sea boats and white water boats and the adventures will always be with my wife and a group of good friends, to somewhere remote as possible and for as long as we can get away with!

Who are you?

Me – I’m the one with a smile on his face when he is outdoors either having adventures or helping others have adventures. I developed a love for the outdoors as a kid, started a career in the outdoors on leaving school (despite my careers advisor suggesting otherwise) and to date have not looked back having now worked in the industry for over 25 years. In this time highlights are always going to be helping others to achieve their goals and aspirations when I have coached or guided them out on the water. 

I couldn’t have done this though without having my own adventures and some highlights there would be numerous sea kayaking trips to Greenland, in particular paddling around Cape Farewell with an amazing team of friends; the Himalaya has always provided me with plenty of white water paddling highlights with multi day trips on the Brahmaputra in India and Tsarup Chu/Zanskar in Ladakh being favourites. The biggest highlight of all will always be living in Scotland though and I firmly believe it provides perhaps the best sea kayaking that can be found on the planet, to have enjoyed this and promoted it through three Guide Books ( has been a privilege.

Favourite Kit: