Our test team and staff are the finest. Many World, Olympic and National Champions in all disciplines choose to use our products. We are also proud to be official partners with Plas Y Brenin Mountain Training Centre and Glenmore Lodge Mountain Centre.

Ian Sherrington

The boss - So many… Shaun, Mum, Nicola Sturgeon and importantly Triton the big wave god. I’m also Head of Training at the Lodge so I get to work with amazing staff who create ridiculously good experiences.

Speciality - Surf and WW. I have had so much fun boating and traveling and just want to keep doing it. Of late I have had the honor of Surfing for the Scottish Team and have proudly surfed and waved the flag in North and South America and at breaks in Spain Portugal and Ireland. I just love it. Whether it is cruising a mellow wave with the sun on my face or dropping a heart stopper at my home reef in Thurso – the feeling of speed and power is just amazing.

Who are you?

I’ve been at Glenmore Lodge since 1989. I just love being associated with the people that come here and the sports we do. I have been involved across quite a bit of our paddlesports delivery with a particular interest in delivering Coaching Awards. I have also worked for the Lodge as a Mountain Guide. This winter has been a particularly good ski season and I led touring groups both in Scotland and the Alps.


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