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Giles Trussell

Hometown: Stubbington 

Living now:  Nethy Bridge

Discipline(s): Whitewater, Sea Kayak, Open Canoe, anything that floats that needs a stick to propel it.


Learned to paddle at Garelochhead Outdoor Centre aged 11 around the turn of the last ice age. Parents bought a couple of old fibreglass boats from the centre and that was it – one was a Pyranha Elite SS.

Then followed an on off relationship with paddling including aged 13 my first ‘outdoor’ roll in the Gareloch on my own and I told no-one for years…

Fast forward a few years and the fun was cemented after a mad weekend of big surf at Rhossili where I rolled and rolled and rolled…managed to surf a fair bit too.

Honours degree in Sports Studies from Bedford, while there paddled a lot in the pool and local river and member of a synchronised kayak display team.

Worked at a variety of Scottish Outdoor Centres with keen, inspirational and exceptional staff who led me down the dubious water ways of the ’dark side’ (as referred to by mountaineer friends). Specific mention of Gill Berrow (former GB National  WW Racing Champion and Mike McDonald member of some adventurous early kayak expeditions with Pete Knowles. Known to foray into the mountains and on yachts on numerous occasions for some adventure.

Been lucky to have paddled in various exotic locations around the world on river and sea for work and play - Barbados being the most exotic - but always hanker back to the delight of Scottish rivers, lochs and marine coastlines and the vagaries of the weather. The land sea interface is my favourite environment.

Historically competed in kayak quadrathon and triathlon, Scottish Boater Cross and Moriston River Races. Also competed in Elite Mountain Marathons. Solo sea kayaked to St Kilda and back.

Now been full time Senior Intsructor at Glenmore Lodge for 16 years.

Quick facts: 

Favourite food: Porridge before a hard day’s winter climbing, Spaghetti Bolognese owing to growing up beside an Italian restaurant.

Favourite drink: Malt whisky, espresso and water…not necessarily in that order. 

Favourite music: Scottish Iddly Diddly

Ultimate paddling destination: St Kilda in the peak bird season…Western Scotland

Motto: It is the way

Advice to newcomers: You can always have a good day on a bad (weather) day.

Favourite Kit: