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Franz Anton

Best known as -  Franz

Class - C1 men

Born - 23.10.1989 near Leipzig

Current Location - Leipzig, Germany

Top 3 life Achievements -

1- World Champion 2018 in C1

2- Married with Rebekka Anton in 2016

3- World Champion 2015 in C2 with Jan Benzien

What's your story?

My Parents didn‘t know canoe slalom until 1998, when my mum saw an advert from a local canoe club in the newspaper.We played a lot computer games in this time and that was the reason why she pushed us to the local canoe club, so we would spend more time outside instead of playing with the computer.

My first time on the junior national team was in 2006 at the European championships in Nottingham. I finished 17th place in C1. In 2009 i met my future wife, she was also an athlete in my club.

My first championship medal in a single category was in 2012 at the U23 World Championships in Wausau with second place in C1. That was also the time when i started to photograph on my journeys and i will never miss this. I really enjoy taking portraits and landscape pictures, even during a race. It helps me not to think about the race and i like the feeling when i have done a nice picture of someone and they like it too.

I have won just one german championship title and that was together with my wife in C2 mix Category, all the other german finals in C1 or C2 category i struggled. My goal for the next years are to win 2 medals at European and World cFhampionships, qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and win a medal as well, and ofcourse win the german champion title.

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