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Benjamin Savšek

Best known as: Beni

Hometown: Ljubljana - Slovenia

Living now: Ljubljana Gameljne

Discipline: Canoe Slalom

Class: C-1

Current boats: Vajda MM3

Shaft of choice: Vajda C-1 wide

Big volume or tight and technical: Big volume and technical 

Favourite paddling spot: Soča river – Bovec Slovenia

How did you get into paddling: I grew up by the Sava river in Tacen. My two older brothers started paddling before, so I was very excited to join.  I set down in kayak for the first time and was totally drawn into it. Love at first sight

Achievements: Olympic Champion – Tokyo 2020, World Champion 2017 & 2023, European Champion 2012, 2019, 2020. Vice-World Champion 2014,2015.

What's next... ambitions / plans: Olympic Games in Paris 2024

Best things about paddling: Pure water, pure joy.

Best boating moment: When I crossed the finish line at Olympic Games in Tokyo. Otherwise, that felling of freedom every time when paddling down the beautiful Soča river. 

Worst boating moment: When I had a knee injury, beginning of 2019.

Any other Hobbies: Windsurfing for fun, playing with gadgets

Ultimate worldwide destination: Still exploring

Favourite Stuff Section: gadgets

Food: Everything better than three days nothing. Quite fond of Italian cuisine

Drink: Ice cold…

Music: Rock

Movie: Forrest Gump

Read: Jorge Bucay – Let Me Tell You a Story

Favourite Kit: