Training camp La Réunion 2023 - Hannes Aigner

Posted By: Hannes Published: 13/02/2023

I just finished the last session of my first training camp of this year. I really had a great time here and enjoyed three weeks of paddling in short combos. Despite some troubles with the pumps for a couple of days, training conditions were pretty good this time. There were no cyclone or windy days at all.

Last weekend, I was competing in the World Ranking Race, finishing on the 4th position behind Jiri, Giovanni, and Anatole. I haven't been racing since July 2022 and had a long break from paddling, so I am pretty happy with this result.

What I liked most about the training camp was that my family came with me. Of course sometimes it's a bit more busy for me with two kids in a training camp, but it's always the best part of the day to spend some time together, go swimming or hiking after some hard training sessions.

Now it's time to leave this beautiful island and go back to Augsburg and continue preparing the season.

Cheers Hannes