My ‘go to’ kit this season – thoughts so far… | Doug Cooper

Posted By: Paul Published: 08/06/2022

When this seasons new Peak PS kit was hand delivered by no other than Pete himself at the start of April, it was like Christmas day (although Pete certainly didn’t look much like Santa!!). As always it all looked ‘proper bl***y brilliant’, with this year’s colours more eye catching than ever. With a busy personal paddling and work season just getting going I knew I was going to be putting it through its paces – the question was would it deliver performance wise and stand the pace?

Doug and Pete on another PBB Adventure in Greenland

As always, the Scottish Highlands have had their fair share of mixed weather this spring; strong winds, rain, sleet being often experienced and then wait an hour and it could be sunny and warm. There is no doubt that to stay a comfortable temperature and dry when out on the sea in Scotland at this time of year is always going to ask a lot of the kit you are wearing. Alongside this my sea kayaking has taken me to warmer climates, with a week out in warm and sunny Greece in early May. Time for a different set of kit to be packed, versatility the name of the day as calm and hot days were experienced, alongside force 4 winds and rain showers on an exposed section of coastline with surf landings.

So, considering how my season has been so far and the variety of destinations and conditions I’ve been dealing with whilst out on the water – what have been my stand out and ‘go to’ bits of Peak PS kit:

Tourlite Hoody – This was the cag I chose to take to Greece, a fantastically versatile piece of kit for milder conditions when it could still turn a bit ‘nasty’. If not needed because it turns hot it packs up small and is easy to store, however to keep the chill off whilst paddling it’s super comfy to wear. I’ll often have the sleeves pulled up above my elbows when it’s warmer with the neck open for extra ventilation.


If the weather turns, then the hood is still of the same specification as the top end jackets, so more than up to the job and fully adjustable to stay on if paddling into the wind. When the hood is not being used be sure to use the clever plastic hook to hold it back out of the way, no annoying blowing around hood on the downwind paddles! 

Bagz H2O Shorts  – It will be no surprise to hear that so far these have not had much use in Scotland! That said they were a game changer in Greece, at last a set of shorts that keep your bum dry! For those who know me then they have come to realize I really don’t like having a wet seat in my kayak or a wet bum when paddling, so to have a set of shorts like these was just fantastic. They also dry instantly when either being worn or hanging up at the end of the day, no more walking around in damp shorts when off the water. With handy pockets for ice cream money and long enough to protect legs in kayak thigh grips; wear layers to suit underneath them and what an amazingly versatile bit of kit.


Adventure Double Evo – Now here we have my ‘go to’ jacket for the weather we’ve had this spring in Scotland, it’s bombproof and will stand up to everything and anything. That said the jacket is still versatile, being made with a super comfortable material then I can wear a thin thermal or multiple layers underneath to meet the conditions. On windy dry days then being able to stash the hood in the fleece lined collar is great, but if rain comes in to deploy the hood is super easy. Once up the hood is well shaped and has easy to use elastics to get it fitting snug no matter how strong the wind is blowing. Visibility is never compromised with this hood either, wearing a cap or a woolly hat underneath works fine. With a twin seal waist on it then you’ll be dry when out surfing in the roughest of conditions, neck fully adjustable to ensure wave splashes are kept out.


Baseball CapWhen out on the sea I find a cap the perfect bit of head wear to either keep you warm, keep the rain out your eyes or occasionally even keep the sun out of your eyes! That said I have often found they have their limitations when paddling into the wind, usually finding that paddling into Force 4 winds they can just stay on but much more and they will be at risk of blowing off. Well not the Peak PS Baseball cap – this has now been tried and tested in up to Force 6, staying snug on your head and the shaped peak not catching the wind too much. Super comfortable, good for all weathers and the perfect way to ‘accessorise’ when out and about with a choice of striking colours to match your kit!


As you can see, so far this season’s Peak PS kit has certainly delivered performance wise and has easily stood up to the pace. Most importantly of all though – it just looks great and will ensure you have a smile on your face whilst having a proper bl***y brilliant time – enjoy!

Cheers Doug. Scottish Sea Kayaking