Sidi reports from German Team Selection

Posted By: Paul Published: 01/06/2022

Team paddler Sideris Tasiadi reports back from the 2022 German Team selection events... 

"The national Selection were this year only in Augsburg. That means we have 4 races in 3 days. The best 3 in the overall result. It was a little bit physical, because there are 3 days that means, all or nothing. The first day for me was not so smooth, because it was my first races after the Olympics. It was comic. I found day for day better in the races. I tried to push everyday on the final run more and more to find the perfect lines. Also to go to the limit and risk, what is possible to do. That was my motivation. At the end I find some perfect lines :)

The first step is done for the home World Championship  . I am really proud and exiting to go on the start line. It is a big emotion for me. We try to do this Worlds to a special moment for everyone, like on the first olympic games for 1972."

The 2022 World Champions are being held in Augsburg, 26-31 June. Link HERE

Sidi, winning Bronze at Tokyo 202One.

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