Back in the Day.

Posted By: Peter Published: 24/07/2020

We just received a lovely email containing some great archive photos from PeakUK’s original business partner and life long friend Keith Hampton. We must share them!! How young were we?

Here’s a transcript from Keith’s historic email… 

“ I’ve just been sorting old photos and found these from when we got the keys for the Fashion Design Studios in Nottingham at the very start of Peak UK back in 1990. “

“The two of the empty room made me smile, if you remember, we built a racking system for the BA’s and cags and used bread crates for storage boxes. I remember the big fat bloke ( Robert Key, our MP!! ) trying the gear on, lucky it just fitted!!”


“They were great memories and I still see those days when we started Peak up (on a shoe string), as some of the proudest days of my life. What we started was amazing and you just took it and keep taking it to another level.”

“I love watching what you do with Peak, its more than a paddle gear company, and its all down to you (with some help along the way from a few others) but your team now, seem on another level too.”


Thanks so much Keith for your support all those years ago making it all happen and being a huge part of where we are now. This year Peak UK will be 30 years young. We had plans for a massive party in August bringing together all our friends, family, suppliers and customers. Unfortunately due to the current Corona Virus crisis we’ll postpone to a time when we can all be sociable again. Keith, you are first on the invite list!! Let’s see what happens in the next 30 years...