Pringle's Peak Journey

Posted By: Pringle Published: 12/05/2020

Over the last few months (before lockdown) I’ve been giving talks to school groups about the benefits of finding a hobby or sport you love and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Whilst I’ve been doing these talks I’ve realised just how grateful I am to have found kayaking and all the amazing experiences, opportunities, friendships and joy it’s given me over the years.

I started kayaking when I was about 8 and am now 32, so that’s 24 years in the sport and have been competing internationally since 2004. Peak Uk has supported me since the beginning pretty much. I paddled for a few other brands along the way but Peak Uk was always there for me and have looked after me at every opportunity they could and helped me in so many ways.

When I was first starting in freestyle as a gangly, shy & uncoordinated kid I idolised the Peak Uk & Riot team and dreamt of being a part of it - I’m sure I was super annoying ;-) and I can’t remember when but at some point Pete noticed how keen I was and looked after me ever since.

Peak Uk was instrumental in my growth and development, at the time Pete organised the Peak challenge series which comprised of various events across the Uk running in a series. Each event had a downriver race, an extreme slalom, and a proper freestyle comp. That series nurtured so many talented paddlers, quite a few of whom are still kicking around today and that series is what really kickstarted my competitive kayaking life and helped me really learn and grow as a paddler.

Since right now since we can’t take any fresh pictures I thought some of you might like to see a few photos I have from the last 24 years of my time with Peak Uk.

Thanks for all the support, I can’t wait to get back on the water and look forward to the next few years paddling!