Strike for the Rivers

Posted By: Adam Published: 14/10/2019

Peak UK Kayaking Co. Darley Dale will be closed on Tuesday the 22nd October. The entire Peak UK staff team will be out cleaning our local River Derwent between Matlock and Cromford. We’ll be joined by mums and kids from Matlock Bath School and Pre School.

Cleaning rubbish from our local river, saves plastic washing out to sea, therefore preserving our wonderful valley and protecting wildlife from our Darley dale base all the way to the North Sea

Our clean up is part of the Paddle Peak Great River Derwent Clean Up which is taking place throughout the week, cleaning our wonderful valley from Rowsley to Milford and beyond. For more details check out

We’re asking our customers, suppliers and global kayak industry partners to join us by closing shop and cleaning their own local waters during the same week. Please share this post and help us clean the rivers and save the seas!!

Let us know what you plan? email:

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