Hallams factory tour, with a surprise

Posted By: James Published: 30/05/2019

Last night we hosted the Sheffield Hallam University Canoe Club for one of our famous factory tours. Lured in with some lovely local beer, and pork pies, the club filled the showroom and awaited their tour. 

Paul headed up this tour, giving the students a full view of the factory and how the world of Peak UK operates. 

The main highlights were the custom kit process, how it goes from screen to fabric; and the warehouse, a kayakers version of a supermarket. 

The tour finished off back in the showroom, where Peak UK dictator Pete was poised, ready to give a presentation on the newly launched Paddle Peak initiative. 

Pete took them through how the initiative aims to open up access to the rivers, inspire new paddlers onto the water, care for and preserve the rivers and wildlife, share the rivers with all other users, and promote the businesses around the area that use the rivers. 

This very neatly linked on to why we had two extra guests, Laura and Chantel, from British Canoeing. British Canoeing recently launched their community champion campaign, aiming to reward those who help to inspire people to promote fair and sustainable access to the rivers of Britain. 

Each month a champion is crowned, and this was the very first one. Hallams factory visit had an hidden motive. One of the club was to receive this award, unbeknown to him. 

The presentations ended with Bayley Siddall being called up to the front. He had led the club in a couple of massive river clear ups, removing over half a ton of rubbish from the river Don. This was a huge effort that couldn't go unrecognised, so Bayley was crowned the first British Canoeing Community Champion!

Excellent work from Bayley, and all of Hallam canoe club on the clear up. Each month a new champion will be crowned for helping their community get on the water, so keep clearing those rivers and getting people out there!

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