February 11, 2019

Perfect waves in the winter sun

After a few weeks being at home, I’d already had a few good sessions. The first session back I’d had a great time throwing my boat round at Portballintrae, working on lots of different end moves, getting used to being back in a much lighter boat than the river boat or playboats I have been paddling around Southampton and Dartmoor.

After a few more sessions at Whiterocks and Rossnowlagh, and with only a few days before heading back for my exams, I was really hoping to have one last surf in perfect, open waves linking up the top and bottom of the wave with tons of flow. I saw a sweet forecast due to hit the west coast of Ireland, with only a day or so to go.

I arrived to see no one else on the water, and rushed to get my kit on, and down the hill to the waves. The sun was low in sky, making a really nice atmosphere out on the water. The session was brilliant, with empty perfect waves and a few seals popping their heads up every now and then.

I spent the session just enjoying how much speed I could get from the double up at Tullan, trying to see how high I could get on my top turns, how hard I could hit the lip after bottom turning around the falling section, and how much of the boat I could get out the water on my round house cutbacks. All in all a really good session and the perfect way to end the Christmas holiday.

Catch you on the water!