January 23, 2019

Introducing the Rescue Wrap PFD

Current PFDs specifically designed for the rescue services are limiting in their design, function and fit. All rescue service models have the same front opening entry system based on a design from 20 years ago, and little has been improved upon or redesigned. These front opening models have little-to-no pocket storage and, as a result, items needed in on-call situations are lashed to the outer panels of the PFD, in an untidy and impractical manner. The design, function and fit available is not appropriate to the professional using the PFD.


Our ground breaking, revolutionary and patent pending new Rescue Wrap PFD bucks this trend and solves these problems. Instead of a traditional symmetrical opening PFD, the Rescue Wrap PFD literally wraps two front sections over one another and around the user. This creates a vest style PFD with front style opening access, thus combining vest size pocket space and functionality with front opening fitting convenience. We call it the Wrapid Fit system.

Wrapid Fit entry system – quick and secure


The Wrapid Fit entry system is a revolutionary redesign of PFD fitting and use. The Rescue Wrap has two front panels, each connected to the rear PFD panel with a shoulder strap, side panel, side straps and waist strap. The user wraps the outer front panel over the inner, secures the wrap connection with two super strong side buckles, a rescue harness, a shoulder whistle clip and a side release waist buckle.


Unique, adjustable length harness


The Rescue Wrap features our unique adjustable length rescue harness belt. Thread the belt as normal through the steel plate and secure in the cam buckle, leaving only a short tail exposed. All remaining slack in the harness is then gathered using the tri-glide adjuster on the opposite side of the belt.
ISO 12402-6 approved. The only rescue harness available that can fit all sizes.

Huge main pocket


Radio pocket


Rescue  pocket


Knife pocket


Items such as gloves, safety gear, knives and radios all have specific pockets, which are easily accessible and close to hand.


The Rescue Wrap follows the same smooth lined styling design concept as the rest of our PFD collection. Shoulder webbing is incorporated within the PFD panels, which in turn not only creates the rear harness loops but also creates the loops for the removable / adjustable leg strap option. A neat double and single square ring threading system negates the need for over bearing buckles.

Adjustable leg loops can be attached


A rear lash tab accommodates a light beacon. Role and team identifier Velcro loop panels are situation on the front and rear. A super bright red / lime colour way along with 3M Solas reflective panels on the front, rear and shoulder pads keep the user seen in all conditions.

Rear lash tab and multiple Solas reflective panels


Velcro panels allow team / role ID panels to be attached


A super bright red / lime colour way along with 3M Solas reflective panels on the front, rear and shoulder pads keep the user seen in all conditions. Adjustment with the easy to use 40mm shoulder and side straps, along with 25mm waist straps, offers the perfect fit. A shoulder whistle clip is a handy addition to the right hand shoulder. Gear clips and elastic loops found on each shoulder pad can house a light stick. Left and right handed split D rings for cowstails also feature.

Glowstick attachments on each shoulder


Shoulder whistle clip
Split D Rings for cowstail


The Rescue Wrap comes in three highly adjustable sizes – SM, LXL & XXL – and is available now.

For more information please contact our partners at Water Rescue Systems.

See you in the water…