January 22, 2019

The Semi ST for freestyle

Since October I have been using the Semi ST, with a latex neck upgrade, for all my freestyle paddling, and i’m never going back.


Ever since the Racer ST came out back in 2016, i had been badgering the guys here at the factory to make me one for freestyle. This was mainly just as a novelty, wanting to be a bit different from everyone else, but also i’m lazy and wanted to put less items of kit on.

Well eventually for my birthday in October, Pete handed me a shiny Semi ST that perfectly coordinated with my boats colour scheme thanks to Paul’s design work (he made me write that).


Like an impatient child, I headed straight to HPP and went paddling in it! It was love at first loop.

Straight away I found that the thinner foam allowed me a much larger range of movement, my body moved smoother and faster through the water, and I also looked epic. All of this added up to what felt like bigger and smoother tricks.


The foam that is built into the deck was also a winner. This held my thruster in the prefect spot and added a bit extra volume.

semi st freestyle

As the weather grew colder I found an added bonus of the inbuilt foam. Warmth! With the foam being held so close to the body, it acted as another layer of insulation. Even in the chilly depth of winter, all I’ve had on was one thermal and my ST (some boardies too!).


All in all, I bloody love my semi ST, it is spot on for freestyle. I have tried to paddle in separate PFD and topdeck once since getting it, but its all kinds of weird now. ST’s are the future!

Words – Ibbo
Pictures/video – Peak UK & White Water The Canoe Centre & Ibbo