November 5, 2018

Spikes Peruvian feedback

spike peru

Spike is one of Plas Y Brenin’s top instructors, and he recently ventured to South America to paddle some of the many rivers in Peru. Check out his feedback on how his kit held up below.

spike peru“Just back from Peru…. BRILLIANT! I took a whole load of Peak UK kit out there and it was awesome.

1. River guide – nothing new to report… I continue to love it. Initially the Peruvian guys were a bit unsure, they thought it a bit complicated to put on/off. But they quickly shut up!

2. The Combi Jacket – I was abit nervous about getting very wet. We were paddling VERY big Gd4+ and NOTHING was getting in. The neck seal was bomber and the arm seals worked even tho we were wearing them over thermals. Brilliant piece of kit – Paul had the arms too, which I was jealous about!

spike peru3. The decks were AMAZING – 15 days of paddling, I didn’t open the drain bung or use a sponge once! Absolutely nothing was getting into the boats. At the end of the day I would be completely dry. I’ve never had that!

4. H2O shorts were a revelation too – they seem to one of those products that give more than you’d expect… As I say I was completely dry at the end of the day AND they never felt ‘sweaty’, even tho we would often be paddling in 30c heat.

5. The TecWik thermal – great/comfy/dried well…. BUT – I’ll send you a picture of what it looks like now! White has never been my choice of colour! For an exped I think colour is important… White gets minging, black is too hot, bugs like yellow… so, Orange/red/light blue are best(?).

spike peruThere we go, thanks again for the support!”

spike peru


Words & Images – Spike