Posted By: Sal Montgomery Published: 21/05/2021

One day back in December, whilst wrapped up in our robes and woolly hats, sipping warm tea and watching the waves, me and my swim pal Nikki got talking about how valuable our sea dips had been to both of us. It’s been a rough few months and a huge amount of people have found the water, and the outdoors in general, hugely beneficial for keeping us going. 

Our ocean swims keep us happy and healthy and now we want to return the favour  -  it’s time to make our seas happier and healthier too! 

Every single day brings 8 million pieces of plastic in to our awesome oceans. This is crazy!! Numbers like this are daunting and massively overwhelming, no doubt making us all feel a bit useless. To go at it alone doesn’t feel like it’s enough, but as a team we can do awesome things!

In the build up to World Ocean Day, we are pledging that we will do our bit to show our appreciation for these incredible playgrounds and give something back. World Ocean Day is 8th June, so for 8 days myself and Nikki will be carrying out a daily swim, followed by a big beach clean on every beach we finish on - hence taking away 8 beaches worth of otherwise ocean-bound rubbish!

How can you get involved?

In any way that you can! As much or as little as you want! 

1 day or 8, swim or no swim, get involved and join the Ocean8 community! Joining forces and doing our bit in our part of the world, will massively contribute to the overall impact made. 

On any of the 8 days between 1st-8th June, get out and enjoy the outdoors in the way you like best- whether that’s on land or water- followed by your action to give something back! Beaches, parks, fields, river banks- it all contributes to how much rubbish is making it’s way in to our ocean. 

Please share your stories, awesome actions, photos and videos with us so that we can celebrate all the awesome stuff that you’re doing! 

Every relationship is a bit of give and take and this is one relationship that’s well worth keeping!

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