April 4, 2017

2017 Freeride & Combi Jackets

Our new Freeride and Combi Jackets have had a full upgrade for this season. Our new X3 ripstop nylon gives 20m waterproofing and superb durability and, with bright new colours and logos, the Freeride & Combi are tougher and smarter than ever…




The Freeride has been a staple of our whitewater range for a long time and has been updated for 2017 with a new mid-weight X3 nylon and two smart new colours. Ideal for river running, freestyle and more, the Freeride is perfect for those looking for a lighter but tough jacket for whitewater adventures.


The neck on the Freeride is a super soft neoprene cone neck with an elasticated tension band. This gives a highly effective but comfortable seal and is  ideal for those who dislike latex necks.


The wrists are a double latex and our Aquaout velcro-closing neoprene, whilst the waist features a lightweight inner with grippy elastic to prevent riding up. The outer waist is also our Aquaout neoprene / velcro system, and gives a superb seal.


2017 Freeride

Colours: Blue. Lime.

Sizes: XS. S. M. L. XL. XXL

RRP: £179

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The Combi is one of the most versatile jackets out there, ideal for warmer weather river running and freestyle. Optional Combi Sleeves can be attached to give a warmer option for when the weather gets a bit chilly!combi_bothThe 2017 Combi now also uses the same new X3 nylon (with 20m waterproofing and 10,000g breathability) and features the same new colours as the 2017 Freeride.combi_lime_armThe arm seal on the Combi is our unique latex bicep with Aquaout outer and the waist is the same double waist system as featured on the Freeride. The neck is also the same super soft neck with strap as featured on the Freeride. combi_sleeveThe detachable Combi Sleeves (sold separately) can be fitted between the inner and outer arm seal to give a warmer option. The Sleeves are a double lined super stretch 1.5mm neoprene (with 2.5mm cuffs) to give maximum warmth and comfort, and can be stored in two handy zip pockets on the jacket.


2017 Combi

Colours: Blue. Lime.

Sizes:  S. M. L. XL

RRP: £179

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2017 Combi Sleeves

Colours: Black

Sizes: S/M. L/XL. XXL.

RRP: £25

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